EZVIZ C3A Wireless Camera Build-It Kit

Build your own wireless CCTV system consisting of the following devices:

The C3A Battery Cameras record to SD cards inserted into the cameras and / or EZVIZ Cloud-Service

*only items that the supplier has in stock or available on back order will be displayed below and available for purchase

EZVIZ C3A Battery Camera
100% Wire-Free Camera
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EZVIZ W2D Base Station for C3A Camera
Supports up to 6 EZVIZ C3A battery cameras
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EZVIZ Mounting Bracket for C3A Camera
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EZVIZ Rechargeable Battery for C3A Camera
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EZVIZ Battery Charging Station for C3A Camera
Supports two batteries on simultanous charge
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EZVIZ Solar Panel for C3A Wireless Camera
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HikVision Surveilance Class SD Cards
Designed for EZVIZ WiFi Cameras and DashCams
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EZVIZ C3A Wireless Camera Build-It Kit

C3A Camera batteries are expected to last up to 3 months however by connecting them to the W2D base station, the batteries could last up to 9 months.

  • EZVIZ C3A cameras are 100% Wire-Free – needs WiFi or W2D base station to connect to the internet
  • W2D Base station requires power and must be wired to a router


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